Last time, we talked about how listing accuracy can boost your local SEO. Today, we’d like to talk about another critical component of business reputation management: local reviews.

Local reviews carry an increasing amount of weight in search engine rankings. Studies have shown that 85 percent of people do online research on a company before they make a purchase. Seventy-nine percent trust online reviews just as much as they do a personal recommendation. Sixty-five percent of people trust online reviews more than any other single source of information. Those are huge numbers! That means the vast majority of consumers are looking for information about you before they ever pick up the phone, send you an email, or visit your storefront.

Since local reviews are so influential, Google factors them into your SEO rankings. More reviews make your business seem more legitimate. However, the content of those reviews can either help or hurt your business. Often, a simple misunderstanding will cause a customer to leave a negative review. If you don’t know that review is published, you won’t have a chance to respond and protect your reputation.

That’s where our business reputation management services come in. We’ll monitor the Internet 24/7 for any reviews or mentions of your business. We’ll send you a real-time alert so you’ll know exactly what’s being said about your company. You can thank those who are saying positive things about you. You can also correct any customer service issues before they hurt your business. Together with our business listing management services, local review monitoring can save you a lot of headaches.

Don’t take these reviews for granted. Eighty percent of companies feel that an unfair review has hurt them. Let Anderson Marketing Group protect your reputation and build your business. Contact us and get your free consultation today!