There are two critical factors that determine the success of any website: Does it function properly and is it well-designed? While you may initially think that functionality is most important, website design plays a very large role in attracting customers to your business and encouraging them to spend their money. As a leading provider of website design in Saskatoon, SK, Anderson Marketing Group wants to show you four ways website design problems can hurt your business:

  1. First impressions matter. Many of the first impressions of your business will be solely based on your website’s design. Picture your business as a house for sale. When buyers drive up to a potential home, they quickly look it over to judge its curb appeal. Your website’s design is the curb appeal of your business. Your credibility will be on the line if you have a poor website design. This is huge if you want to build a competitive online presence.
  2. Imagery sends a message. Studies show that if your website’s images are blurry or unattractive, you could lose about one-third of your customers. Additionally, how you place your pictures can hurt your website. Are the images crowded or cluttered? For maximum effect, always get the help of a professional website design service.
  3. Colors can turn people away. Color choice is crucial, too. Researchers have studied color and its impact on consumer behavior for many years. Choose the wrong one and you could turn people away from your site and your business. A web designer can help you pick out color schemes, especially if you need to follow branding guidelines.
  4. Never underestimate the power of aesthetics. Studies show that over half of online consumers won’t return to websites based on their overall design. This harsh reality shows the true power your website design has when it comes to attracting and retaining customers.

Make sure your website’s design sends the message you want. Talk to Anderson Marketing Group when you need professional website design in Saskatoon, SK.