There are many components that make up a website. Each one must be carefully considered in order to make the project – and your company’s digital storefront – a success. In addition to the website’s design, the content displayed on the pages, and the SEO strategies, you need to pay special attention to the site’s functionality. As your local Saskatoon marketing firm, Anderson Marketing Group wants you to understand why website functionality is so important:

  • What is website functionality? Picture website functionality as the basic outline that defines the purpose and operation of your business’s online presence. How well each page or feature works for your customers is at the core of website functionality.
  • Avoid slow-loading pages. One of the most critical parts of website functionality is site speed. This makes sure your pages load quickly. Studies have shown that over one-third of your customers will leave if an image or other content takes too long to load.
  • Examine traffic times. Website maintenance is vital to the success of your site, especially during peak traffic times. You can lose a vast majority of your customers if your website struggles to keep up during these peak periods.
  • Strive for an efficient sites. To get a high-quality site that functions as it should, it’s always best to consult with a professional web design firm. Ask for their help in defining your site’s critical functions and to help you generate quality contentThey can also help you avoid common web design problems.

Get the help you need to build your website from the ground up by talking to Anderson Marketing Group. Our Saskatoon marketing firm can help you with full-service custom website design, brand marketing, and other services in Saskatoon, SK and surrounding areas.