As we mentioned in our last post, reviews are an important part of any business reputation management service. But although getting reviews seems like an easy task, that’s not always the case. Even more difficult is managing those reviews once they’ve come in. Negative reviews are a big thing that business owners must deal with. So what should you do if a customer leaves a bad review of your business?

The most important thing for you to know is that negative reviews generally can’t be removed just because the customer aired a complaint. Instead, Google and other review sites encourage business owners to engage with dissatisfied customers. Respond politely to their concerns and address the issue so the customer knows they were heard.

It’s also critical to understand that no third-party service can remove a bad review from Google. As a general rule, reviews won’t be removed unless they’re in violation of a website’s guidelines and rules.

And here’s another thing you should know: You can’t offer your customers discounts or gifts in exchange for their reviews. Google doesn’t allow this and may penalize you for doing so.

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