Small businesses have a lot to manage, often with limited resources. Often, marketing is something that’s overlooked or neglected altogether. However, marketing is a vital part of your company’s success. But making the wrong marketing moves can be detrimental. As your source for marketing, website design, and SEO in Saskatoon, SK, Anderson Marketing Group wants to help you avoid these five common mistakes:

  1. No marketing strategy – Not having a marketing strategy will cause problems faster than anything else. A marketing strategy is needed for all aspects of your business, from your website to your advertising.
  2. No website – Not having a website is a harmful decision for any small business. People look to websites to get everything they need to know about what you do. Choosing a professional, high-quality website design will allow you to convey your brand identity and other elements found at your physical location.
  3. Putting more effort in social media than your website – Social media is great for conversation and attracting customers. But it can backfire if you focus on it more than on your actual website. Use social media to drive customers to your website, not take traffic away from it.
  4. Targeting the wrong customers – Make sure your message is clear and is targeted towards the audience you want to reach. If you don’t, your small business could miss out on potential opportunities to grow the client base you need.
  5. Not tracking results – By not keeping up with your site’s analytics (such as site traffic), following up on customer conversations, and addressing help requests or reviews, you can do great damage to your business and its reputation.

If you need help with your business’s marketing, call Anderson Marketing Group today. You can rely on us for professional traditional and digital marketing services including brand management, professional website design, and SEO in Saskatoon, SK. Request a consultation today!