As we discussed in our last post, summertime is a great time to freshen up your website. But did you know you can also change your brand to fit the season? Although you don’t want to make big changes every season, there are some brand management techniques you can use to incorporate a summer theme. Here are some tips on how you can keep your brand cool this summer:

  1. Change up the color scheme – This time of year, bright colors (think neon yellows, pinks, and blues) bring summer fun to mind. Change up some of your advertisements or graphics on your website to include these colors that pop.
  2. Get active outside – Try to plan marketing and employee events in outdoor locations or venues. Then show your customers how you’re staying active this summer.
  3. Your brand can’t take a vacation – While you or your staff might take a few vacation days this summer, someone always needs to be monitoring your social media feeds, website, and online reviews.

If you need help keeping your brand fresh this summer – or at any time during the year, give Anderson Marketing Group a call. We offer full-service custom website designbrand management, and reputation management services in Saskatoon and surrounding areas of Saskatchewan.