You know that SEO will help get your site ranked higher on Google. But did you know that there’s a set of best practices that need to be followed in order to maximize your returns? As the pros people turn to for search engine optimization in Saskatoon, Anderson Marketing Group recommends that you pay attention to the following three areas:

  1. Titles & descriptions: This information (sometimes used with the word meta) conveys the main idea of each page of your website. This is also the blurb that Google will display in organic search results.
  2. Appropriate keywords in content: Before Google suggests your website to its search engine users, it wants to make sure you’re delivering content that’s relevant to the user’s search query. Google will scan your site for important keywords and phrases. When it finds them (and finds them used in a natural context, not stuffed in the text in large quantities), it will rate your site as more relevant and give it a higher ranking.
  3. Links: Internal links take your users from one page to another within your site. These links help people navigate your site easier. External links take users to other companies’ websites, such as your brand partners or government resources. These links provide your users with more information and lend credibility to your site. Google looks favorably upon both types of links.

Of course, it’s very important to remember that Google’s algorithm changes all the time. As a result, search engine results can fluctuate. Your best plan of attack is to work with an agency that’s skilled in both website design and search engine optimization. At Anderson Marketing Group, we can do both. Request a consultation today!