As the holidays get closer, you’ll start to notice seasonal TV ads, retail sales, and more. These signs are a reminder that you should get your own website ready for the heavy traffic that’s bound to come this time of year, especially if you’re selling products and services that people can give as gifts. Saskatoon web design firms like Anderson Marketing Group will make sure your website is ready to handle the load. Here are some tips that will help your website perform at its best for those holiday crowds:

  • Do a thorough audit of your website – Take the time to look at every page of your website. If you sell things online, simulate a purchase to see how long it takes. Notice a typo or an error? Fix it immediately.
  • Check all images – Your customers will leave your website if the images take too long to load. Take steps to fix them now before the rush hits.
  • Fix pages that take too long to load – Studies show that customers expect a website to load in just a few seconds. If it takes longer, you run the risk of losing these visitors. When that happens, they may turn to your competitors instead.
  • Learn about peak traffic times – Find out when the most people are visiting your website. Look at your site’s performance during these peak traffic times to make sure there’s no slowdown that could cause your customers to take their business elsewhere.

If you need help getting your website ready for the holidays, call Anderson Marketing Group. Our Saskatoon web design company is ready to help you finish the year with great results!