As every season comes and goes, you’ll notice changes all around you. The weather gets warmer or colder and stores change their inventory to match each season’s style and unique needs. Just like these retailers, you should look for ways to manage your website’s brand by making a few small tweaks to keep it current. Brand management companies like Anderson Marketing Group can help your website stand out this summer. Here are some tips that can help you freshen up your site and get your customers’ attention during this and busy season:

  • Cut the frills on your website content – Too much content can be overwhelming. This is especially true during the summer when people are in the mood to take it easy and relax. Make your content a light, simple read for your customers.
  • Put the past in the past – Old messages from past holidays or seasons can be awkward for your audience to encounter on your website or on your social media accounts. Go through and get rid of these particular messages that show their age.
  • Make messages sharp, simple, and frequent – When posting a message on your website or social media feeds, try to make them brief but eye-catching. Brand management companies can help you hone your messaging so that your customers get an accurate feel for your business without having to dig in too deep.

Ready to refresh your website for the summer? Give Anderson Marketing Group a call. We offer full-service custom website design and brand management services in Saskatoon and surrounding areas of Saskatchewan.